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Gurudwara Singh Sabha

Who We Are


Gurudwara Singh Sabha Christchurch is managed by New Zealand Sikh Society, South Island (Inc.) since 2009. We started from a small gathering of about 100 people in the early days which has grown upto 350-400 with Guru's grace. We do hold weekly Sri Sukhmani Sahib Path and Kirtan every Sunday at 4 Landsdowne Tce, Cashmere which starts at 11am and finished around 2pm followed by Langar.


Building for Gurudwara Sahib was bought in 2010 in the heart of the Christchurch City with the capacity of 400-500 people. Unfortunately, it got damaged in the earthquake of Sep, 2010 and Guru Granth Sahib Ji was moved to temporary premises. Gurudwara Sahibs committee is currently analysing some options given by the Christchurch City Council to rebuild Gurudwara Sahibs building. There are number of factors which we have keep in mind and we are seeking advice of professionals on that.

Event & Services


You can get information about an upcoming event which is going to be celebrated at Gurudwara Christchurch at this section such as Gurpurabs, martyrs days etc.

Weekly Events

Every week on Sunday, Christcurch sangat recite Sri Sukhmani Sahib Path and do shabad kirtan together which lasts from 11am to 2pm. You are welcome to join us at Cashmere Community Hall, 4 Landsdowne Tce, Cashmere to obtain Guru Ji' blessings.

Daily Nitnem

If you missed Sunday Diwan for some reason and want to go for Guru Sahib's darshan then you can join daily nitnem at 692 Gloucester St, Linwood. Morning and Evening daily prayer schedule is around 6am and 7pm respectively.

Gurpurab Celerations

We try to celebrate every auspicious day of Sikh History and also holds special Diwans where we invite reputed Ragis and Katha Wachak so that sangat can get most out of it.

Gurbani & Kirtan Classes

If you are interested to learn gurbani or kirtan then we can arrange one of our volunteer for you to dive into the spiritual world of Sikhism.

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